Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Work

Monday I got up early (9:00am!) to go check out a couple apartments in the East Village. They were both pretty decent, but of course had their pros and cons. I think if I found a place where I didn't have to compromise anything, I'd jump on it immediately now that I've seen quite a few places and know what to expect.

After that it was about lunch time, so I walked to a local vendor by my sublet that I knew had cheap food and got a $3 gyro and a $1 Brisk tea (yeah... missing the Sweet Tea... I'm gonna have to learn how to make it). Then I do some work in the park until my next apt viewing. The broker lady calls though and basically convinces me not to go since I wouldn't be able to sign immediately. So I work until dinner time, then figure I'll go for some Thai food.

Good thing the best Thai food in the area is pretty close (according to Where The Locals Eat website). I get another good duck curry that was spicy, but had some lychees and pineapples... It was really good. Then I walk around the area a bit and head back to Washington Square Park where I people watch for a bit. Grabbed an ice cream from the Mr. Softee too. After a little while, I headed back to my sublet and that was my day! See? Not every day is an adventure.

Tuesday I woke up early again! 8:30am this time! That's not even counting being rudely awakened by the voice intercom at 5:45am! I had to be up at the Park Avenue Screening Room by 10am for a screening of the Answer Man, with Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. Today was a very rainy day in NYC. My umbrella came in handy this time. Took the F train to the 63rd and Lexington station and walked the rest of the way to 500 Park Avenue.

Got there with about 15 min to spare. There's already two older ladies in the back and one gentleman, who I learned was the Cranky Critic. Anyway, after some complaints about the weather and about some other movies, they get the movie started about 5 minutes after 10am. Only to stop it 10 minutes later! The rep comes in and says that there's one more reviewer who just called in and was going to be a tad late so they were going to start the movie over.

The Cranky Critic got to the bottom of it and apparently it was a NY Times reviewer. Typical. So they started the movie again and it was a decent romance comedy drama. Review to come. After the movie, I walk outside and it's still raining so I take the F back down to my sublet and then grab a bite to eat at Cabrito's, which is supposedly a good Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good, but not the "Tex-Mex" stuff I was expecting. Oh well.

After lunch I work a while and nap a while until dinner time. I guess a rainy day makes you pretty productive. For dinner I wanted to head somewhere close by because it was still raining. I also wanted to do something cheap because lunch was a tad expensive. I heard of Gray's Papaya and had walked past it a few time, so I figured I'd check it out. Supposedly they have really good hot dogs. I got the "recession special" which was like $4.50 for 2 hot dogs and a drink. I wasn't terribly impressed. I couldn't really tell the difference from those hot dogs and a $1 hot dog from a vendor down the street.

Walked through the rain back to my apartment and worked into the night. That was pretty much my day. :)


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