Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh I Love a Rainy Night

Just another rainy day today. Woke up. Worked. For lunch I had the leftover half of my sandwich from yesterday. Still good! Worked until 5:15 or so, when I headed up to Korea Town for a try at some Bibimbap. It was good, but still searching for the wonderful Korean dish that as of yet I've only had in Ueno.

After dinner, I walked west a few avenue blocks to the AMC Loews 14 by Penn Station for a screening. The line was already ridiculously long, plus we had to wait out in the rain. They didn't start letting in until about 7:10pm either so I waited around almost an hour in the rain. Not fun. Anyway, I saw a screening of The Ugly Truth. It was pretty good!

By the time the movie ended, the rain had pretty much stopped so I walked the 30 blocks or so down 6th ave back to my apt.


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