Friday, August 14, 2009

NYC Brokers suck

I ended up getting the place. The broker Emailed me today:

"Everything looks great. I'm waiting for our boss to come in and review some pending app packets. There are no other applications on your unit and I feel very confident that you'll be just fine. I'll let you know something as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience."

I was feeling pretty optimistic. At 4:30pm I get a voicemail message from the dude saying that he needed to ask me a question; nothing bad, my credit looks great and everything checks out. I gave him a call and he said that basically the brokers aren't even going to go to the management with the $1650 offer since they'd already found two people willing to pay the $1675 full price for two exact same apartments, even with one of them being on the very top floor (so the one I was applying for is technically worth more, since it's only on the 4th floor).

I got kind of mad, because yesterday he'd been talking to his boss on the phone while we were talking and basically made it pretty clear that he thought we could go with the $1650 and they'd approve me based on good credit and everything. The fact remains that they probably still might approve me, but the brokers wouldn't even go to the management with the offer because they felt they could lose their client if they came with an offer for less than the other two apartments. I talked to the boss basically about it and he made it pretty clear I bring it up to $1675, or they give me my deposit back and find someone else.

I took a few minutes to think about it, but in the end, I just don't care anymore. It's a nice enough place in the area I'm looking for and everything, plus I need to find a place by next week (going back down to Atlanta for my beach trip and to grab the rest of my stuff to move up at the beginning of September). In the end, the extra $25 over what I was going to pay anyway amounted to a little more than half an hour of work extra, so at this point it's not really worth my time and energy to keep searching and dealing with these brokers and crap.

I called the guy back up and told him I'd take it, but I was very disappointed with their services and will not be using them again, nor recommending them to use for anyone else I know. He said he understands and he's very sorry (I feel bad for the guy because I know it's not his fault, but his boss' fault who won't budge).

Anyway, I'm signing the lease on Sunday... I'll be fine, the whole process just still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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