Sunday, August 02, 2009

Not-So-Much-Work Day

Thursday, I took a break from my as-of-late full-time schedule for some entertainment. First I walked up to Bryant Park, grabbing some Gray's Papaya recession special hot dogs along the way, for the Summer Broadway in Bryant Park feature. I waded through the marshy wetlands to grab a chair and watch as the cast from Shrek, Naked Boys Singing, Chicago, and Jersey Boys sang three or four songs each from their respective shows. Neat.

After that I walked/ran down to the SoHo House by 2pm to catch a screening of Passing Strange: The Movie. Long movie directed by Spike Lee that was actually just a filming of the Broadway Musical of the same name (without the "The Movie" subtitle). Long movie... got out around 4:30pm, so I took the subway up to the Upper East Side for another movie screening.

I got to the AMC Loews at 86th st with time to spare so I grabbed some fries from a vendor, then got my AMEX screening ticket to see Funny People. I then waited for my friend, James, to show up and we saw the movie together. Another long movie! Definitely an interesting movie that was a little different than I was expecting. A lot more serious.


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